The Alexander Technique

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Everyday actions can accumulate unnecessary levels of tension and stress. Whether that be sitting at your computer desk, driving to work, picking your children up or even doing something leisurely, like playing an instrument. Frederick Matthias Alexander was fulfilling his life passion when he discovered that his method of action was holding him back. Whilst performing Shakespeare onstage, the habitual …

Siobhan RooneyThe Alexander Technique

New Year Yoga & Meditation Retreats

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If this isn’t your year to Party like it’s 1999, we’re coming to the rescue to start 2015 in a holistic way. We’re talking yoga, meditation and detox, all over the globe. Check out our picks, hints, suggestions and ideas for wonderful New Year getaways. A Meditation and Alexander Technique retreat in rural France The retreat takes place in a traditional …

BelindaNew Year Yoga & Meditation Retreats