Emily Fletcher: Ziva Meditation, New York

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We caught up with Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation, New York to find out a little more about Nishkam Karma Yoga, why the bright lights of Broadway weren’t doing it for her, and the joys of illegal dairy products.
Ziva Meditation, with studios in NYC and LA, offers live and online courses to all levels of meditators.

I teach meditation which is a form of yoga.  It is called Nishkam Karma Yoga, or union attained by action hardly taken. Basically you don’t need to do 1.5 hrs of asanas for this style, you simply need a chair! Before I learned to meditate I was living my dream performing on Broadway, BUT I was going grey at 26, had insomnia and was miserable.  I was confused why my life was so good on paper but I wasn’t enjoying my experience. Enter meditation.

An amazing woman was sitting next to me in the dressing room and she was nailing it.  I asked her what her secret was and she said meditation.  I took a 4-day course and it cured my insomnia on the first day.  I’ve since stopped getting sick or injured.  I’m hooked.

My best class teaching experience is actually a tie between two contenders – our first zivaRETREAT and my first kids’ course. For the first, the combination of people who gathered together for a weekend of deep meditation, ayurvedic food and yoga was extraordinary.  And the kids’ course melted my heart with cuteness.  Ages 4-10, and the 4-year-old was the most into it.

I am also the creator of zivaMIND, the worlds first online meditation training.  The program has helped people all over the world learn this practice, and has cultivated an extraordinary online community of meditators.  Our zivaFAMILY is one of my proudest accomplishments. We are currently offering our first free webinar on September 30th called “Are You a ‘Fighter’ Or a ‘Flighter'” about how to get out of the Fight/Flight stress reaction.  The webinar will also launch registration for the interactive version of zivaMIND.   You can check it out and grab your spot at: www.zivaMIND.com.

My favourite personal retreat location is Bailey Farms NY State.

My signature ingredient is raw dairy. Don’t tell the cops, it’s illegal.  But raw diary is going to be the next big thing, mark my words.


Who? Emily Fletcher
What? Ziva Meditation, http://zivameditation.com/
Where? New York, New York and LA, United States
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JenEmily Fletcher: Ziva Meditation, New York