Hot Barre Yoga – What the Hell?

Jen Explore

Hot barre yoga is a sweaty mash of ballet stretches, Pilates, weights and interval training. Phew. It’s also the latest in a recent spate of health and fitness classes that you do in a heated room of around 95 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum sweatage. Usually, the only heated thing I like to exercise in is a pool – I avoid …

JenHot Barre Yoga – What the Hell?

LETSGLO Profile: Samahita Retreat, Thailand

Jen Explore, Retreats, Unplug

Close your eyes and picture this…a seafront shala with a stunning view of the beach on a cloudless beautiful day. Then open them and read about Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. Yep, we want to be there too. Tell us where you are and what you do. We are a wellness and yoga retreat located on the beautiful island of Koh …

JenLETSGLO Profile: Samahita Retreat, Thailand

Yoga Goes Global

Jen Explore

You know how yoga is taking over the world? Well here’s the proof. Introducing the LETSGLO A-Z of yoga.*   Find yoga in Arizona   Find yoga in Bali Find yoga in California Find yoga in Detroit Find yoga in Europe Find yoga in France (*) Find yoga in Greece Find yoga in Hawaii Find yoga in Italy Find yoga in Kent Find yoga in London Find yoga in Melbourne Find yoga in New …

JenYoga Goes Global

Yoga – All You Need is Your Trusty Mat

Jen Explore, Unplug

Here are a few utterly non-essential things that you simply don’t need to practice yoga.   Men – Yoga is completely possible to do without men.   Women – Similarly, women are optional.     Money – Nope, don’t need it. Down with commercialism.     Land – Pah. Land is soooo 1960’s.     A Roof – Utterly surplus to requirement.   Youth – What …

JenYoga – All You Need is Your Trusty Mat

Trends for 2015: Live Music Yoga

Jen Explore, Mindfulness

Music has gone hand in hand with spiritual practice probably since the very beginning of time, so we reckon 2015 will be no different. When you think of live music yoga and meditation your immediate reference point is probably the traditional Kirtan, which is sanskrit mantras synergised with dynamic melodies and tones on the rabab, harmonium and traditional drums. Although we doubt that you will be …

JenTrends for 2015: Live Music Yoga

Restorative yoga – what the hell?

Belinda Explore

Practice: Restorative yoga Popularity level: Trending. The gentle cousin in the yoga world, restorative yoga is great for anyone recovering from illness or trauma, or who is exhausted, burnt out or stressed. Restorative yoga will lay you down and cover you with a nice, warm yoga blanket and, all going well, you’ll sleep like a baby that evening. Although restorative …

BelindaRestorative yoga – what the hell?